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Sample Budget

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In an effort to better save and plan, below is a sample budget worksheet. (Figures are for one person, assuming Thursday arrival and Monday departure.)


$250 per night
$50 per day
Travel to Con
Total Fixed Costs



Host hotel room rates are $250 per night. Taxes and fees bring the total cost per night to $####. Decrease this amount if you split a room or rent floor space. Increase this amount if you get a room outside of the ConRate or a suite.



This number depends on your personal taste. However, hotel food prices tend to be much higher, for example a bottle of water often costs $2 or $3. The famous buffet breakfast at the Hyatt runs $###.


Travel to Con

Discounts are available for air and rail travel. You may be able to find a ride to DragonCon by posting in one of the various DragonCon social media sites.



Membership rates increase as the year goes on. Buy early to save money. 


Optional Costs

Other items that may increase your budget but will vary depending on your lifestyle:

  • Dealers' Room purchases
  • Alcohol & other drugs
  • Costuming Expenses


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