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Dragon*Con Photo Hunt

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Started in 2010, the Dragon Con Photo Hunt is an unofficial┬╣ photo scavenger hunt held online during the con. Participants receive the list from the Photo hunt website and upload the photos to a Flickr group setup for the event. Prizes are awarded.




For full official rules, consult the Photo Hunt Webpage.


The List 

The list is typically released just prior to the convention.


The Photos 

Once you've found an item on the list, usually involving costumed members of the convention, you will need to take their photo. In keeping with good principals of convention photography, it is advised to seek permission from the people involved before taking the snapshot. Also, please be courteous to your fellow con-goers and try to avoid blocking the flow of traffic in the convention spaces.



  • To be judged, join and upload your photos to the current year's Flickr group. The 2015 Flickr Group has not been setup.
  • Make sure you tag the photos with the item number from the list.
  • Multiple photos per list item may be submitted, but you will only get credit for the best one.
  • Entries must be uploaded no later then the announced deadline, which is often a week or so after the close of the convention.


Scoring and Judging

  • Entries are scored based on quality of photos that meet the listed criteria as well as the number of items found from the list. 
  • Where multiple items are involved, they must be in the same photo. 
    • No photo editing is allowed to meet this requirement.  
    • If the photo calls for 4 X-Men, all 4 must be in the same photo, not 2 photos with 2 X-Men each
    • Partial credit may be given for photos that meet a part of the requirements, such as 3 Red Shirts where 4 is required. 
  • As stated earlier, multiple entries for the same list item are allowed, but credit will only awarded to the photo that best meets the requirement.




Grand Prize: Not announced for 2015 yet

Runner-ups (2): Not announced for 2015 yet


Past Events










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┬╣Much like the Wiki, the Dragon Con Photo Hunt is not officially affiliated with Dragon Con. Sure, the Daily Dragon has mentioned both of our existences, but that's about as close as official as either one of us gets, which really isn't any closer then before.

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