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Twitter at DragonCon

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Twitter is a handy platform for Dragon*Con or its assorted tracks to disseminate news, information, or updates to their followers. Having a Twitter account and being able to follow your favorite tracks can be immensely useful, and quite interesting.


Please add any other feeds you're aware of!



Important D*C Twitter Feeds

Dragon*Con Official Twitter

     Former Official D*C Twitter (now unused)

Daily Dragon (If you follow only one account, FOLLOW THIS)

Dragon*Con Store


Dragon*Con Media Relations

Dragon*Con TV

Dragon*Con Late Show


Track Feeds

American SciFi Media 

Apocalypse Rising Track 

British Media Track

Costuming Track

Dragon*Con Anime Music Videos Contest

Dragon*Con Digital Gaming

Dragon*Con Film Fest

Dragon*Con MMO

EFF Track 

Filk Track



Space Track

Star Wars at Dragon*Con

WeyrFest at Dragon*Con


Young Adult Literature




Hilton Atlanta

Hyatt Regency





W Hotels

Twelve Hotels 


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