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3-2-1 Rule

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The 3-2-1 Rule is simple and should be followed daily by all attendees. Doing so will allow you to enjoy the con to it's fullest and prevent the spread of con crud and con funk. Also known as the 5-2-1 rule, for those of us who need a bit more rack time.



3 hours of sleep (minimum)

Get at least 3 hours of sleep. Preferably in a bed, doesn't have to be yours (but you DO have to have permission if it's not). See our article on hotels. It's considered rude to sleep in panels, especially ones with a capacity crowd. Sleep somewhere. And note that caffeine is not an appropriate substitute for sleep, no matter how much you've had.


2 meals (minimum)

Eating is important. It's how our body gets energy. Eat full meals at least twice during the day. There's a Food Court in Peachtree Center that is accessible by the habitrailslocal restaurants, the consuite, and restaurants in the hotels. Protein bars are not good substitutes; they may seem like a good and cheap idea beforehand, but you will tire of them.


Keep in mind, though, that overeating can be just as bad as not eating. Try for the healthy options now and then, like a salad, or a chicken sandwich instead of a hamburger (preferably not deep fried). Heavier foods seem more satisfying in the gut at the time, but in the long run, eating less fatty, greasy food will help keep your energy up better.


If you plan on giving blood at the Blood Drive, be sure to eat no more than 4 hours before your donation. You don't want to miss the con because you passed out giving blood without a proper meal in your belly.  Healthier options are preferred. Something rich in protein and iron is strongly suggested.


1 shower (minimum)

For the love of <insert Deity of choice here>, take a shower. Con Funk is not pleasant for your fellow geeks around you. It's gross, disgusting, and all around bad form. Showers are free to all hotel guests. If you don't have a room, ask a friend to use their shower. Make sure to use soap. Standing under a stream of warm water for 30 seconds is not showering.


Patchouli oil, extra deodorant, FeBreeze, cologne, or a fresh change of clothes does not replace a shower 100%, or even 10%. Shower! Women like a man who showers. Even the Klingon giving you the eyes from across the bar.








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