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What the heck is _____

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Untold millions of strange happenings go on in the hallways each year, and while sometimes you can ask someone to find out what was going on, that's not always an option. Here is a sort of reverse-FAQ to let you find common happenings, and find out what they really are.


If you have a question about something not listed, please ADD IT to this page, and maybe we'll be able to tell you!




What's with these people with ears and tails?

If they don't seem to be in a costume otherwise, you probably need to look up furries.  


Why do 70% of the costumes involve old brass goggles and crap?

That'd be steampunk, a common trend in costuming not directly associated with any particular intellectual property (usually).


What do you call the girl stormtroopers?

They're usually called Femmetroopers, or Femtroopers. There's also the Femmescout.


What's with all the goths, are they from a movie thing?

No, the goths show up in large numbers for the nightly concerts. They're all unconnected. 


Strange Gatherings

I saw a lot of people sitting in a circle with their heads down.

That's either a game of mafia or werewolf. 


I saw a lot of people sitting in a circle with drums.

That'd be the annual drum circle. I don't think we have a page for that yet, but for now just dismiss them as beatniks. 


I saw X, what is it?

Here's the section to add your own questions. Just add them one line at a time (with as much detail as you can offer, and decent grammar if you please) and we'll see if we can come up with answers. 

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