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The Late Show

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So late, it's early.


The Late Show is a collaboration between Dragon*ConTV and The Daily Dragon to bring the schedule changes and other news to those who are somehow awake at 9am. The show is also aired again at 11am for those who slept in.

  Photo (c) 2009 - Derek DeWeese


The show is hosted by

  • Ally Pelphrey (Daily Dragon Staffer)
  • Brian Richardson, (Dragon*Con Videography Director and Dragon*ConTV co-founder),
  • Dr. Stephen Granade (Dragon*Con guest (science track) and Dragon*ConTV contributor), 


The Late Show differs from the Daily Dragon in that is interactive. If you wish to interact, and if by “interact” you mean “ask the hosts useful questions” or “Complain about the constant jabs at Windows Phone 7 users”, use one of the below methods:                          

  • E-mail: thelateshow@dragoncon.org
  • Twitter: dclateshow


Late Show archives and other details are available at the official Late Show webpage.



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