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See Stairs

No, really see them and take them.


With so many people and so few elevators, on a busy evening at Dragon Con it can be brutally frustrating trying to wait for an elevator, or for an elevator with enough room to fit someone else. Waits of upwards of 20 minutes are common, in fact, especially at the Hyatt which has fewer elevators and bigger crowds than the Marriott. Needless to say this can be incredibly frustrating, and this frustration gave rise to the term "hellavators".


Tips for navigating the elevators:


  • What goes down, must come up. You can wait a few minutes or you can take the Stairs.
  • Be courteous to persons in wheelchairs, scooters, pregnant women, or those with small children. For some people, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to take the stairs, while for most of us it would merely be an inconvenience.
  • Take the stairs when possible. If you're just going a few floors, it might even be faster. You'll burn more calories anyway.




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