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Stairs and how to use them

As some of you might know the wait for the elevators are hell. Prepare to wait for an elevator, particularly in the Hyatt. Make friends with people while waiting, it will help the eons of time pass faster and will make decisions easier if the elevator breaks down and you are forced to eat someone. However there are other alternatives such as the stairs with multiple benefits :

  • Get to point A without trying to dodge the abyss of the elevators.
  • Avoid getting trapped with 10 people that haven't showered.
  • The ability to break an ankle in heels on the stairs increases 1000%



The Hyatt has 5 elevators; since roughly 30,000 people attended the con, that's about 6,000 people per elevator. Bring comfortable shoes. The Marriott has twice the number of elevators however, their numbering system is one of the most confusing systems to decipher through a drunken bloodshot eye at three in the morning.The Hilton has 8 'vators with the two on the outside being among the hottest oven roasters that would give Kenny Rodgers a run for his money.



Although some convention-goers follow the "go up to go down" rule, (Do not be tempted) this strategery it just makes things harder on everyone. If possible book a room near the 5th floor that way you can just walk and not clog up the 'vators. Also, leave the elevator to make room for disabled attendees, (you wouldn't want to miss panels, autographs, lunch if you had to wait cause 15 people just look at you and not let you in.) For some people, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to take the stairs, while for most of us it would merely be an inconvenience. The amount of stairs at Dragoncon staggering and is much akin to Tikal during the Mayan reign of Central America. The rear entrance to the Hyatt is testament to this. However, in 2010, the Gods have smiled down upon us and lo granted a building to take place and thus the Hyatt to Marriott pedestrian bridge is here.



Some of you reading this will question this section if you have never been to the con or have never walked in a stairwell. The Stairs in every hotel will be perfectly normal industrial style emergency stairs on Thursday. However, due to forces unseen they become sticky. The Stairs are steep and are tucked away in strange places. Thus, they attract material that is just sticky to new people. However, veterans to the Con call this phenomenon "positive grip for shoes" perfect for drunken staggering. Which leads to a series of items falling on the stairs:

  • People
  • Spilled Drinks
  • Bodily fluids
  • Alcohol

Do not under any circumstance touch the floor even for a bet. Maybe if they offer you $100 USD cause at the Con that is booze money. The Stairs are sticky, please do not ask why as no one will know.


Sticky Watch 2010 Update!

After much research in the Hyatt, we here at the Dragon Con Wiki have brought to you loyal readers, a time-line of the days and the stickiness.



Semi clean with normal wear and tear





Saturday gave a new light to the grime



Much worse in person.

We have been reporting that there are people stuck between the third and fourth floors.

Comments (1)

Kaylee said

at 11:29 am on Jun 25, 2010

"The Marriott has twice the number of elevators however, their numbering system is one of the most confusing systems to decipher through a drunken bloodshot eye at three in the morning."

This is so true. My first time at the convention, I got lost in the Marriott's elevators. I intended to only go up a few floors, but I ended up in the elevators that only go to the upper levels. It took me about 20 minutes just to figure out which elevator I needed to get back down. The worst part: I was sober at the time.

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