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Steampunk is a sub-genre of speculative fiction set in a theoretical Victorian era in which technology was more highly advanced than in our timeline. It is typically experienced at Dragon*Con in the form of costuming.


The term 'steampunk' was coined in the late 1980s to describe this new sub-genre, as it was akin to cyberpunk, yet set in the Victorian era.


The science fiction writings of both Jules Verne and HG Wells are forerunners of modern-day steampunk. The 1999 movie "Wild Wild West" is likely the most recalled recent film with steampunk design elements, although they can also be found in 2003's "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, 2007's "The Golden Compass" and even "Hellboy 2", among others. In general, in these works, Victorian era (1830-1900) clothing and design is matched with technology that was beyond the capabilities of the time, such as steam-powered giant robot spiders or steam-powered computers (such as in the novel, "The Difference Engine")


Steampunk has been incredibly popular in the costuming scene at Dragon*Con lately such that it is effectively impossible not to see examples of it...some of which are more expert than others (just as with most fandoms).


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