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pub crawl

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A pub crawl is an event where a group of friends will go from one bar to another to another, drinking heavily.


The pub crawl tradition exists outside of Dragon*Con and is particularly popular in the UK, where groups of young adults will stagger up the street from one pub to the next. At Dragon*Con itself this tends to take the form of going from party to party instead, or from hotel bar to hotel bar.


A "Poor Man's Pub Crawl" is an event where a group of attendees move between their hotel rooms, and at each room the group can share a drink. This is a good opportunity for friends to get together and drink but without the crippling expense of the bar. Each participating room is expected to have enough booze for all potential guests but gets to choose the drink they offer and the quantity. Some rooms may decide to have a 'theme' for which they will decorate as well.

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