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Walk of Fame

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The Walk of Fame is the common name for a row of tables down in the dealer room where assorted celebrity guests will sign autographs.


While some of the better known guests tend not to be present here (Shatner and Nimoy, for instance, would have special sessions set up because they attract such huge crowds and need better queue management as well as better security), it's a place to check for some of your other favorite celebs. TV actors in particular can be found here, as well as less well known movie actors, and comic book artists. Authors will often have book signing sessions elsewhere.


Keep in mind that many will charge you for an autograph. Most of these celebrities will also have photographs that you can purchase to have signed. In a few rare instances, a celebrity may refuse to sign anything but the photo that they're selling, so that they get to your wallet twice. Prices for autographs can vary: Mark Hamill gained a bit of infamy at ComicCon in 2009 when he charged $100 for an autograph... but as uncommon as he can be at conventions, many fans found that to be a bargain. Anywhere from $20 to $50 has been common in years past.


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