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Alternate History Track

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Program Guide abbreviation ALT


The Alternate History track is where you can find all things anachronistic and historical at Dragon*Con. If you are interested in steampunk, historical romance, historical reenacting, historical costuming, time travel, historical research, cryptoarchaeology, and, of course, those 'what if' questions of history, we have programming for you!


If you love steampunk gadgetry, or just whirligigs in general, be sure to check out the The Gadgeteers’ Showcase Saturday in the Westin (Saturday, 4pm, Atlanta Ballroom C-F). There will also be a Multi-Cultural Costume show for alternate history AND historically accurate costumes, with an emphasis on non-British designs. Deadline to enter for both events is August 15th. Details are on their events site.


The track's website is:  http://alternatehistory.dragoncon.org/

The track also has a Facebook page: http://tinyurl.com/dragonaht

Twitter: @DCon_AltHistory

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