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Independent Film Track

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Program Guide abbreviation FILM


The Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival is a combination of short and feature independent film screenings, panels, celebrity guests, discussions, concerts, contests, and seminars.  All that combined with the 35,000+ Dragon*Con attendees creates an extraordinary film event.


There will be plenty to do for anyone who enjoys film.  For filmmakers, this is a chance to show your film, meet others in the field, discuss the trials and tribulations of making a film, get some tips, and make some connections.  For film-lovers, you can hear some of the masters discuss their projects, watch the films entered in the  Film Festival, and then drop by a panel and hear the winning directors/producers discuss their films.

Film screenings and panels will mix, guaranteeing that you won’t have a moment without something film-related to do.  





This track page desperately needs updating. If you can provide more details, or know of someone else who can, please pitch in and help fill it out! Updates from track organizers are especially welcome!

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