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Program Guide abbreviation MMO

Official Webpage: http://www.dc-mmo.org/


The MMORPG programming track (DC*MMO) covers topics pertaining to Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games. Games covered range form Everquest to the latest including World or Warcraft, City of Heros/Villians, and Guild Wars 2. Free MMOs are also covered.


DC*MMO started as an outgrowth of the Game Programming  (and before that, EFF) track after panel on Word of Warcraft and Age of Conan led to pack rooms and lines spreading throughout the Marriott lobby.  In 2008, DC*MMO was given it's own track and space in the Sheraton.


Activities scheduled for 2011 include 2 Q&A tracks with the Guild cast, WoW costume contest, MMO Trivia, and panels relating to miscellaneous items such as guild management, PvP, and the gaming industry.



A partial list of the games covered includes:

• Age of Conan
• Anarchy Online
• AQ Worlds
• Champions Online
• City of Heroes
• DC Universe Online
• EVE Online
• Everquest
• Everquest 2
• Force of Arms
• Free Realms
• Gaia Online
• Guild Wars
• Kingdom of Loathing
• Lord of the Rings Online
• Pirates of the Burning Sea
• Second Life
• Star Trek Online
• Star Wars Galaxies
• Stargate Worlds
• Tabula Rasa
• Vanguard
• Warhammer Online
• World of Warcraft

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