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Sci-Fi and Fantasy Literature

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Program Guide abbreviation SFLIT

Traditionaly held in the Hyatt


(from official website) 

Do you like to read?  Do you like to discuss what you read?  Are you passionate about some aspect of science fiction or fantasy literature?

Well, then this is the place for you!


Science Fiction and Fantasy has a long history with the first story to be considered part of the genre created in ancient Greece.  It has had its ups and downs, encompassed many kinds of writing, and now covers even more sub-genres than ever before.  It is the literature of the fantastic; the literature of the “what if”.  It predicts, warns, illuminates, entices.  There’s bound to be something to whet your fancy here.


The Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature track at DragonCon brings you opportunities to gripe about books you don’t like and sing the praises of the ones you think EVERYBODY should read!  There are also myriad times to listen to favorite authors, ask them questions and learn from them.  Maybe they’ll even learn from you too.  Show off your knowledge at our annual SF&Fantasy Jeopardy contest where cool prizes are to be had.  (Hint: books, some autographed).  Salivate over what publishers have in store for you in coming months at our publisher presentations.


Discover authors you haven’t read before and increase that list of books to read most fans have. 

There are readings, in depth looks at single authors and their works, and group discussions.


Official Website: http://sfflit.dragoncon.org/ 

This track page desperately needs updating. If you can provide more details, or know of someone else who can, please pitch in and help fill it out! Updates from track organizers are especially welcome!

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