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Getting Stuff to Con

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Between costumes, street clothes, and anticipated souvenirs, it's virtually impossible to pack light for con. But it's also very expensive now that airlines are going as far to charge for carry-on luggage.


Packing Tips:

  • If you know your con roommates in advance, plan on who is bringing what so you don't pack duplicates (i.e. rolls of duct tape, glue guns, irons, hair dryers, etc.)
  • If you're traveling with friends, consolidate your luggage. If you have two bags, and your friend has barely filled half a suitcase, see if she or he will let you pack some stuff in theirs.
  • Consider buying toiletries and food in Atlanta instead of packing it ahead of time to save space/weight (though this works best only if you have the ability to get to a supermarket or drugstore once in Atlanta -- do NOT plan on purchasing items from the convenience stores near the con hotels, as these are very expensive.) (i.e. In a room of people with long hair, consider bringing/buying a standard-sized shampoo/conditioner for the room, instead of each bringing your own.)



Another alternative to luggage is to ship items to Atlanta. If you don't have friends in Atlanta whom you can ship to, many hotels will allow you to ship directly to them.


Shipping Instructions for the Atlanta Marriott Marquis:

  • Address your package to:


Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Attn: Your Name (or the name of the registered guest)

265 Peachtree Center Avenue

Atlanta, Georgia 30303 USA

  • The Business center will receive your package.
  • Upon check-in tell the person at registration that you have a package in the Business Center. They will arrange to have it brought to your room.



  • It's customary to tip the person who brings the package to your room between $1 and $5 depending on the weight of the package.
  • The Business Center charges a handling fee depending on the weight of the package. Packages of 10lbs or less cost $10. Packages that weigh 60lbs or more are charged $25.


Note: If you are shipping your goods/luggage/schwag back to yourself the Marriott has a FedEx shipping center on the lower level (the same floor has the DragonCon shop). Also, the Hilton has a FedEx Center on the main floor (from the main entrance go right, passing the escalators).





Shipping Tips:

  • Use pre-printed labels or flat-rate packaging, as you may be leaving on Labor Day Monday, during which the U.S. Post Offices are closed.
  • At least two of the hotels have FedEx service open all weekend,  so if you want to ship during the weekend ,  you can.  They also do same day work for printing.  


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