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The Sheraton is one of the five host hotels for Dragon*Con. It was added as a host hotel for Dragon*Con 2008 after overcrowding issues during Dragon*Con 2007. Many of the late-night party events were moved to the Sheraton to cut back on overcrowding at the Hyatt and Marriott.





The Sheraton sits a couple of blocks away from the main 3 hotels, with nearest, the Hilton, being 2 blocks away. No habitrails connect to the Sheraton, though the habitrail leading to Peachtree Center can be accessed from the Courtland street garage, which sits between it and the Hilton. Registration is held here, accessed by a lower lobby. Since 2010, an alternate site for the Blood Drive was held here.


Despite being further away, the Sheraton has a lot of pros. Parking is cheaper here, and there's enough for all of the guests. In fact, only guests are allowed to park here. They also allow access to your vehicle. This hotel is also pet friendly, allowing for most small pets to be brought along. The breakfast buffet is ample and affordable, compared to other hotels. A renovation was performed in 2009, making this hotel a gem for those who choose to stay here.


Sheraton Atlanta

165 Courtland St NE

Atlanta, GA 30303, USA

(404) 659-6500




2014 Rate Details


The availability of rooms has not been confirmed on the Dragon*Con web page. 

If available, the rates were $189 for a single queen; $209 for 1-4 people 2 doubles plus 16% combined state and local taxes. Keep checking the reservation link periodically as more Dragon Con room blocks may be released at a later date. 



Programming Tracks and Events

Blood Drive (2nd location, limited hours)

British Programming Track


Paranormal Track


Trek Track


Hotel Pros

  • Has, without a doubt, the best parking of any of the host hotels. Parking is ample, inexpensive (guests only of course), and you can get to your car as needed.
  • More of the parties have been moving to the Sheraton making it a more interesting place to be.
  • Tends to be quiet and relaxing in relation to the bigger hotels.
  • Has a great, and affordable, breakfast buffet every morning.
  • Pets are allowed.


Hotel Cons

  • Way out of the way compared to the others: you have to walk four to five blocks to get from your hotel to the Hyatt.
  • Is downhill from the other hotels: to get to your panels you'll have an uphill hike.
  • Not as many elevators for the guests, though with less people staying there this isn't as huge of an issue. 


Hotel Features

The parking is incredible, and the breakfast buffet is nice, but the extra long hike to the other hotels can wear on you. On the bright side, you'll be getting a lot of extra exercise. The registration is hosted here every year now and that tends to go rather well.


Pet Policy

Of note is the hotel's unique pet policy, which may affect those who travel with pets.


"Dogs weighing up to 80 pounds are welcome at our Atlanta pet friendly hotel, although we do ask that animals are on a leash or in their owner's control at all times. For the safety of our guests and staff, we also prohibit breeds that are prone to aggressive behavior, unless used for ADA purposes. Unfortunately, the following breeds are not permitted at our Georgia pet friendly accommodations: Chow Chow, Old English Sheepdog, Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer, Pit Bull, Staffordshire Terrier, Doberman, and Miniature Pinscher." - Sheraton Policy



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