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General Photography


Photo Etiquette - Guests/Actors


  • Certain guests may have policies wherein they charge for snapshots or have exclusive deals with professional photographers at the con. Don't be offended if they refuse to take a snapshot with you, or ask for cash first.
  • Some Guests may not want to take pictures in off-hours after they've been in photoshoots and sitting at the Walk of Fame all day. Don't be offended if they refuse to take a picture with you.


Photo Etiquette - Con Attendees

Portions taken from Dementia's "Everything you wanted to know about Dragon*Con" post.


  • Costumers LIKE to be photographer and complimented on their costume; don't be shy.
  • Ask before taking photos of costumers, it's only polite and there may be people at con who aren't interested in having their photos taken and plastered all over the internet (it's true!) Don't be offended if they say no. Or they may just be wanting to get to the bathroom ASAP.
  • If you're taking posed shots and plan on posting them in a public gallery, offer your link or contact information to those you took pictures of. Many costumers don't get many pictures of themselves (they're the ones wearing the costume afterall), and hunt for pictures of themselves online afterwards, or post to forums asking "Did anyone get a picture of me on (day) wearing (costume)?" Make it easy for them!
  • Never touch a costume or the person wearing it without permission. Costumes may be fragile, and its just rude. This includes if you are taking a picture with them. Just cause they may touch you does not mean you can touch them back (i.e. hugging poses). Yes this includes men/women in skimpy outfits. And just because they may give your permission, doesn't mean their in love with you.
  • Costumers range from the skill level of poor amateurs to people with professional costuming experience in the movies, don't be an ass and ridicule a "bad" costume especially if its just a kid.
  • Be mindful of other photographers.
  • Take your picture or pictures (if you have a motor driven camera or 1 messed up) and step aside.
  • There are designated "NO PHOTOGRAPHY" areas. They are there for a reason. Security may tell you to move. Don't get angry with them, they're just trying to keep everyone safe.


Official Photo Galleries (D*C Website):




Fan Galleries:


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