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Page Ideas

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on May 22, 2010 at 5:03:50 pm

As this is still a relatively young Wiki, it seemed like a good idea to offer a list of pages that haven't been created but that could be useful. We can edit this list as new ideas come up or as items on the list are taken care of.


New Page Ideas

  • List of charities/charitable activities (IE, blood drive, charity auction) around the con
  • pages for each of the major charity items listing goals, participation details, contact info, etc.
  • Minor hotel listings. The major hotels are listed but notes on all the little overflow hotels may be helpful.
  • Pages for more common celebrity attendees?
  • Pages for annual events, like the banquet or parade or the live performances.
  • Pages for locations, like info on the walk of fame, con suite, etc. 


Pages that need help to reach their full potential

  • Overflow Hotels - Breaking each hotel out into its own page, with directions and whatnot, would be helpful. If anyone has stayed at any of these and are able to provide useful details on what the place is like, please do so.
  • The list of Party Announcements 2008 was a great idea, but wasn't continued in 2009. It would be helpful to continue that for 2010 and onward.
  • You can also use this link to find a list of pages with the 'Needs Work' tag (which is pretty much all of them at this point), and with luck you'll be able to provide assistance.
    • The issues on these pages can range from needing better formatting, to needing more information, to needing to be completely written beyond just having one line or one link in there.
    • Some, like FAQ and Tips pages, could always use more information so they've had the tag added as well as a reminder.


Pages that have passed their expiration date

Some of the information presented has been specific to the events of Dragon*Cons Past, and need archiving or updating as is appropriate. You can find these by searching for items with the Outdated tag.

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