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Overflow Hotels

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Google Map of Overflow Hotels


These hotels have been official overflow hotels in years past but are no longer listed as of 2013. Space may still be available.



See the official list of Overflow hotels on the Dragon*Con website


Hotels that are not partnered with Dragon*Con but are local to the convention area.


Note:  only refers to discounted Dragon*Con group rate rooms at host and official overflow hotels. Availability of room at non-discounted rates may be available. Check with desired hotel for full price availability!  

Comments (2)

ne0ven0m said

at 7:15 pm on Jun 22, 2010

Wyndham is said to be closing too. I've heard many complaints on the LJ communities and various message boards, plus one of my good friends just got a cancellation notice from them. D*C's official Facebook added this on their page today:

"We have added the Twelve Hotel and Residences as our overflow hotels. The Hotel Midtown Atlanta, W Hotel, Regency Suites Hotel, and the Hilton Atlanta Airport all have rooms available. The Westin and Days Inn have already sold out!"

Garand said

at 11:04 pm on Apr 27, 2011

Have I gone crazy, or was Hotel Midtown Atlanta on the official overflow list last week and is now gone? Also, some of the sites show as available on the official page, but when I tired the codes, I was told those rooms were sold out. For hotels offering a discounted rate, Sold Out icon refers to discounted rooms. Non-affiliated hotels with a Sold Out icon indicate the property is sold out of all rooms, regardless of rate.

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