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Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority or MARTA (pronounced /ˈmɑrtə/) is the principal rapid-transit system in the Atlanta metropolitan area and the ninth-largest in the United States. Formed in 1971 as strictly a bus system, MARTA operates a network of bus routes linked to a rapid transit system consisting of 48 miles (77 km) of track with 38 train stations. MARTA operates primarily in Fulton County and DeKalb County, with a limited amount of bus service to Cobb County, and a single rail station in Clayton County located at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. MARTA also operates a separate paratransit service for disabled customers.


Fare Info

A one-way journey on MARTA's system is $2.50. If you expect to be using MARTA frequently, you can purchase a Breeze Card with RFID chip. A Breeze Card costs $1 initially. You can reload them with cash at a number of stops as needed.



Some convention attendees will utilize MARTA's long term parking lots for their vehicle storage solutions. This could be a viable option for attendees who pack light coming in along I85. Not all stations offer long term parking. Those that do offer long term parking charge $5 or $8 a day, much less the the hotels and some of the nearby garages. Keep in mind that an additional $5 will be needed for round-trip fares (per person) between Peachtree Center and your car.


If you do not mind the extra 6-9 miles (each way) drive, it is possible to unload luggage and passengers at the hotel, drive to either NE7 Lenox (7.5 miles, $5 parking), N6 Lindbergh Center (6 miles, $8 parking), or E8 Kensington (9 miles, $5 parking, plus change of train at Five Points) and use the train system back to N1 Peachtree Center. Depending on fuel efficiency of your vehicle, the round trip could cost the price of one gallon of fuel (assuming a 15-17 MPG vehicle and using the Lenox station). Should gas reach $4 a gallon, this would average out to $7 a day. Compared to the hotels, which charge over $20 in most cases, and the garages, range between $5 and $15 per day, this could be something to consider for late arriving members.


MARTA system map with parking details


MARTA's rail line covers two major North/South and East/West segments, merging at the stop known as Five Points (not to be confused with Little Five Points, a downtown hipster hangout). The stop closest to the host hotels for Dragon*Con is N1, the Peachtree Center, which is a block to the West of the Hyatt's main entrance.


Most users who will need to use MARTA will be coming from the airport, which is at the furthest point on the South line, S7. Access to MARTA can be found inside the terminal and is well marked.


Individuals living in the area may need to make use of their bus routes, which can be found on MARTA's bus schedule page.


Other Points of Interest

Dragon Con attendees interested in a bit of tourism may want to find the time to visit a few other stops along MARTA's path. Here's a quick list of a few of them!


W1: CNN Center

The CNN Center is the home of CNN's amazing news coverage, which you are guaranteed not to get a look at. Inside the building you can look into going on a "behind the scenes tour" to show you nothing but the best in canned scenes for tourists. More notable is the fact that they have a mini-mall on the lowest levels so you can get a burger or a gyro.


This is also the stop for the Georgia Dome, which is where all the college football fans at the host hotels will be going.


N7: Buckhead

Buckhead used to be known as the best partying spot in the city as it's covered with bars and nightclubs. In this area, you'll find a lot of high end shopping. Stuff that's out of the price range on many Dragon Con attendees and some of the guests, too.


NE7: Lenox

This stop is for the impressive Lenox Square Mall, one of the higher class shopping malls in Atlanta.


S2: West End

Adventurers find a small village being attacked by a band of orcs. Their totem shows a skull with red horns. Three orcs spot the players and charge. Roll for initiative.


N8: Medical Center/N9: Dunwoody

This region is sometimes referred to as "Pill Hill", as there are numerous hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and other medical specialists in the area. So I guess that's something, right? In the area you can also find the headquarters of Autotrader.com. One stop up, at N9: Dunwoody, you can find Perimeter Mall, another (larger) high class shopping mall.


N5: Arts Center

Arts Center is the place to go for all the culture you can stomach. Nearby you'll find the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, the famed High Museum of Art, the Savannah College of Art and Design, and Piedmont Park. This is also the station to use for a quick jaunt over to Atlantic Station, an urban gentrification project that has become a popular living area. You can find another mall there, as well as a nearby Ikea if you desperately need new end tables in your hotel room.

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