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DragonCon isn't a big truck, it's not something you just dump something on. It, it's a series of TUBES!

"Habitrail" between Marriott Marquis and Peachtree Center Food Court

Photo by RueD @ DeviantArt


The "habitrails" are above-ground walkways which connect the three bigger hotels: the Hyatt, the Marriott Marquis, and the Hilton. The Hyatt has a newly-completed (2010) tube going directly to the Marriott, but it also has a tube that begins in the lobby area and connects to the Food Court in the Peachtree Mall, which connects to the upper lobby of the Marriott. Another connection was made prior to D*C 09, which connected the Marriott's Marquis level to the Hilton's upper lobby level. As a result, it is possible to travel from airport to the Marriott Marquis, Hyatt, or Hilton hotels without ever having to be exposed to direct sunlight or fresh air.


There is an additional walkway from the Peachtree Mall to the parking garage between to the Sheraton and Hilton, though this one is not enclosed and does not lead directly to either hotel. An elevator takes you to street level.


The habitrails are rather popular as they are short cuts between the hotels, reducing the time necessary to get from panel to panel, and especially good for those who may have mobility issues to go from hotel to hotel without the uphill walking that is necessary outdoors. These are the primary transit points for guests needing wheeled assistance: it's much kinder to battery life for scooters and the like. The fact that they're air conditioned is also a big bonus.


The habitrail connecting the Hyatt to the Marriott through the Peachtree Mall closes during non-business hours. The others are open 24-hours a day during the con.


Navigating the Tubes and Bridges


Navigating the network of aerial walkways can be a bit confusing. Here is a primer on how to get form place to place using the walkways primarily.


Hyatt to Marriott 

There are 2 possible routes here.

  1. From the Lobby level, Go to the far left end of the front desk, towards the "Radius" tower. Proceed through the tube to the Peachtree Center Food Court.  Once in the food court, another walkway will take you into the Marriott. 
  2. From the lobby level, proceed to the left of the bar. A walkway will take you directly to the Marriott's Atrium Level. 

Marriott to Hilton

Proceed to the Marquis level. If you came from the Hyatt, go down 2 floors. If you came in from the Food Court, do down 1 level. Proceed out the back to the bridge, which will bring you out on the Hilton's 2nd floor, where many panels are held.

Hyatt to Hilton

Follow the Hyatt to Marriott and then the Marriott to Hilton steps. Alternatively, you can proceed to the Courtland St. Garage from the food court, go down 7 floors to street level, out the front door, turn right and cross the street to the Hilton. You can turn left from the garage to go to the Sheraton as well.

Food Court to Hotels

To go to the Hyatt or Marriott, proceed through the appropriate tube, which is marked.  For the Hilton and Sheraton, use the Courtland St. Garage tube and take the elevator to street level. Exit the garage and turn right for the Hilton and left for the Sheraton.

Hilton to Food Court

There is no direct connection here. Proceed to the Courtland Street Garage. Go the the 7th floor. Exit the elevators and turn right. This tube will take you to the food court. From here, you can take walkways to Hyatt and Marriott. From the Hilton, you can also go to the 2nd floor, across the bridge to the Marriott, up 2 levels, cross the hotel, and exit by the Blood Drive.




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