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Food and Restaurants

Page history last edited by Indigo 5 years, 8 months ago

Part of the 3-2-1 rule is 2 meals a day. You need to eat if you're going to party into the night at the raves and still make the morning My Little Pony panel (I won't tell anyone of you don't) and do it all over again for 4 more nights.


Where does one get such vital sustenance at Dragon*Con? We've detailed the options below.



Bring Your Own 

Protein bars are the easiest and cheapest way to fuel your metabolism through con, but chances are you'll probably tire of them pretty quickly. Mini-fridges are few and far between, so think of other non-perishables:


  • Protein bars 
  • Energy shakes or instant breakfast 
  • Whole fruit (bananas, apples, etc.)
  • Fruit cups
  • Applesauce cups or pouches
  • String cheese
  • Granola
  • Oatmeal (you can make it in the hotel coffee maker)
  • Shelf stable milk (refrigerate once open)  


Another option is to bring a cooler, or if you're traveling by plane, purchase one once you arrive in Atlanta (the disposable Styrofoam kind might be your cheapest option, albeit not environmentally friendly.) Ice is generally free at any hotel.


Electric coolers are also available, mainly at truck stops and Coleman stores. See the Tips and Tricks article on the best way to make this work. Almost all will run on 12v, some will have 120v capability built-in. Adapters are available.


Food Courts 

Located inside Peachtree Center, between the Marriott and the Hyatt, and accessible by the habitrail. Standard fast food fare, standard fast food prices. See the Peachtree Center Wiki article for recent list.


A food Court is also available in the Suntrust building. A current list of options is not available. A list of what was available in 2008 is available through the D*C Restaurant Guide (hosted via LJ here)


Keep in mind if you have disabilities that make it hard to stand, you will not easily get a seat in the food court.  People do sit on the steps, but the security guards vary on how much of that they will permit for safety reasons. Important: if you are a wheelchair user, you may want to skip the food court altogether or ask someone to make a run for you. There is a wheelchair lift, but there is not always an operator on immediate availability. 


Hotel Restaurants 

The Hyatt, Marriott and Hilton hotels each contain cafés where coffee and food can be bought, but they are all more expensive than the food court. There are also a range of sit-down restaurants.



Restaurant Details from Official site

  • Nikolai's Roof (fine dining, sportcoats suggested)
  • Trader Vic's (Tiki Bar)
  • Le Café (buffet)
  • Café express (coffee and sandwiches)


Restaurant details from Official site

  • Avanzare Steaks
  • Kafe Köbenhavn (breakfast and lunch buffet)
  • Perks (coffee and sandwiches)


Restaurant details from Official site

  • Sear (Steak house)
  • High Velocity (sports bar)
  • M-store (sandwiches)
  • Starbucks (coffee)


Restaurant details from Official site

  • Fandangles (Upscale, with martini bar)
  • Collage (breakfast and lunch buffet)
  • The Deli (coffee and sandwiches)


Westin (TBD) 


Local Restaurants 

2-3 block radius around the con hotels.


  • Benihana - map
  • Hard Rock Cafe - map
  • Max Lager - map
  • Fire of Brazil - map
  • Durango Steak House - map
  • Mama Ninfa's - map
  • Panchero's Mexican Grill
  • Mellow Mushroom
  • Metro Cafe (open 24-hours)
  • Mandarin House



NoWait is an app that will let you get in line at a busy restaurant without being there, and let you know how many people are in front of you, and how long the wait is expected to be. It will text you updates and advise when your table is ready.




Within 1 mile of the con hotels. 

  • Publix - Map (0.7 + miles)



Delivery and Other Alternatives 

DragonCon hotels have started selling snacks,  drinks,  and pizza in most of the main hotels and the AmericasMart dealer room areas. They charge through the nose for them,  as you might expect... And they can run out until more is brought up.  But if you're in a hurry for a panel,  they're quick and convenient. 


You can also order delivery from restaurants in the area with the following apps.  They will let you know the time your order can be expected to arrive.  Usually you will meet the delivery person at the concierge desk to pick up your order when it arrives.



Grubhub.com is their website, and they offer apps for iPhone and Android both. The app scans for restaurants that deliver based on your location and will tell you how long the wait will be for your order to arrive.  You can also order in advance to pick up your food at the restaurant itself.  They tend to overestimate to err on the side of caution. Most of the restaurants have an order minimum for delivery.  Some have a small delivery fee as well.  


The app takes cash,  credit/debit card and PayPal and lets you add a tip via all payment methods. 


Grubhub has an 800 number and a Twitter so you can contact customer service easily if anything goes wrong.  Their customer service people are friendly and polite.  One of your Wiki editors experienced a problem at DragonCon 2015 and they were very prompt about making it right.


Yelp Eat 24 

An app from the makers of Yelp which allows you to order food for delivery or pickup.


Beyond the Menu

Another app for ordering delivery or pickup. 



Another app for ordering delivery or pickup.  http://doordash.com.  This one does offer a surcharge per item ordered but they are fast, and the page offers real time updates so you know when to expect your order.  One of your Wiki editors used this service and found their estimated wait time accurate, their dasher (delivery person) friendly, and the food hot when it arrived. Now accepting Android Pay. 



Another delivery alternative from the travel app. 


IMPORTANT: make sure the restaurant you want to order from is open late enough to accommodate your order. You will also want to give explicit directions so the delivery person knows where to meet you during a busy,  crowded time in the hotel.



Groupon & Living Social 


These places both have apps and tend to have similar discounts for the same places but if you have transportation you can find good deals on food and less crowded restaurants because they're not right in the radius of the con. 




See Also

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Comments (3)

Indigo said

at 6:16 pm on Mar 30, 2016

I'm the wiki editor who experienced Grub Hub customer service. The restaurant closed a few minutes after we placed our order so it didn't process. We didn't find out until an hour later. Grub Hub refunded what we had been charged for the order that never processed, and gave us a 15% discount on our next order which arrived the same night without a hitch.

Indigo said

at 1:48 pm on Jun 22, 2016

I'm also the wiki editor who used Doordash. I used it to my home rather than to DragonCon, but I was very pleased with the experience.

Indigo said

at 5:42 pm on Sep 12, 2018

I have since ordered Doordash at DragonCon and the experience went smoothly.

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