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Electronic Frontiers Forums

Program Guide abbreviation EFF


     Worried about freedom of speech, privacy, and YOUR rights online?  So are we!  Now in its fifteenth year, Electronic Frontiers Forums covers your rights on the Internet, legal issues online, and the latest trends in online media.  Topics include online privacy, security, freedom of expression, intellectual property, online activism, social networking, online publishing, and multi-player gaming. Panels that are a staple of the EFF track and held every year include Hacking 101, 10 Rules for dealing with the Police, and Webcomics.


     Originally inspired by the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference, Electronic Frontiers Forums has taken on a life of its own by bringing some of the best technical and legal minds together to hash out the future and have a little fun along the way. For the past several years, it has been lead by Scott M. Jones. Regular guests/speakers/panelists include Elonka DuninJennie Breeden, and Jonny X.


Official Website: http://eff.dragoncon.org

Twitter: @EFForums

Facebook: EFForums

Youtube:  EFForums

Old schedule/Audio archive: http://archive.efforums.net

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Updated it to bring it from 2010 to 2013

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Thanks! Trying to keep track of all these articles has turned out to be a little more daunting that I expected!

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