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Daily Dragon

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The Daily Dragon



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The Daily Dragon is the #1 source for convention news and schedule changes.


Has the panel with that person I wanted to see been changed? Has a celebrity bailed? Where are tonight's parties? Has someone found that thing I lost? What events are on DC*TV tonight? The Daily Dragon newsletter has answers to many of your daily Dragon*Con questions.


The Daily Dragon is available in a physical form at the information booths and various flyer tables around the convention. Digital copies can be found on their website and via Twitter.  The newsletter is updated every morning. Each edition is printed on a different colored sheet of paper. If you see a copy of the paper that's the same color as the one you read yesterday, it's yesterday's copy. Starting in 2009, in cooperation with Dragon*ConTV, the Daily Dragon assists with "The Late Show" at 9am on DC*TV.


ProTip: Taking a laptop, netbook, or tablet computer to Dragon*Con? Set your web browser's start page to http://dailydragon.dragoncon.org/. Alternatively, add it to your favorites for quicker access.


ProTip: Twitter user? Follow @Daily_Dragon on your mobile device for immediate updates as they happen!


Party and event announcements are handled by a web form available here. Alternatively, requests may also be made at the Daily Dragon's convention office in the Hyatt, Chicago room (C-F).


The Daily Dragon is managed by Nebula Award winning author Eugie Foster, a convention director working for the Publications & Public Relations Division of Dragon*Con.

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