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Attire, or Clothing as it is more commonly known, is a term denoting a group of fabric-based coverings for the body, worn primarily for the purpose of not alarming others through inappropriate nudity. Certain forms of attire suit some situations better than others, and when packing for Dragon Con you will want to take this into consideration.



What You'll Need


At a bare minimum, you will want to have one of the following for each day you intend to be at the convention. IE, if you are coming Friday and leaving Monday, you'll want four of each.


  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Underwear
  • Pair of socks
    • changing socks multiple times (twice at least) can improve comfort for most people.


Planning Ahead


It is frequently wise to bring extra changes of clothes aside from the above-mentioned minimums. Do keep in mind that you will likely be sweating heavily as you haul around the convention, and switching to un-sweaty attire may be wise. You may also experience problems with food stains, vomit, party foul stains, and other unexpected disgustingness.


If you are planning on giving at the Blood Drive, take into account the need to access the vein and the effects on body temperature.


Temperature Considerations


Some of the non-local attendees may wonder what the weather tends to be like in Atlanta in August/September. We address this here as it relates to your clothing selection and packing list.


You will find that in 99% of all instances, the weather is HOT. Furthermore, you will be packed into a small area with a great many other bodies, which will make it HOTTER. You will want to wear clothes with an intention of keeping you cool (note that this does not mean revealing clothing). Plan for 80-90 degree weather most days also, the fact it is in a city the heat index is around 95 with 80% to 100% humidity. However, the weather does sometimes surprise us and offer some rain, or cooler temperatures. This will rarely bring the temperatures below 65, even at night. Wearing two t-shirts (that both fit) will cover that issue if you are particularly sensitive to lower temperatures.


That said, you will also be spending considerate time in air-conditioned ballrooms and hotel spaces. Consider this if you're a person who tends to be on the cold-blooded side, and bring a sweatshirt or jacket.


Style and Utility at DC


At a convention such as this, there are many things to consider when planning what types of clothing to bring with you. Comfort and durability are the primary concerns: you're going to be in an uncomfortable environment, possibly accidentally experiencing physical activity, and you won't want to be uncomfortable or to risk clothing failure.


However, in such a heavily socialized setting, you also don't want to look like a dork. Or at least like less of a dork than is standard for you. In general, you can survive with pairs of blue-jeans and t-shirts.


Looking Good


If you want to move a little up the food chain from jeans and t-shirts, thank you! You've taken your first step into a larger, more fashionable world. Your first step may be to replace your t-shirt with a simple, comfortable button-down shirt. It doesn't need to be tucked in, and you may want to try rolling up the sleeves a bit for extra comfort. You'll be surprised to notice that in many cases, this will look considerably more stylish.


You may also want to try appropriately fitted slacks. Black or khaki pants can indeed look good with sneakers (which are important for comfort), and tend to make you look slimmer as well.


Attire and Courteousness

See Also: Con Etiquette  

While you may assume that your clothing is all about you, it's important to remember that your clothing has an effect on those around you. It's wise to keep in mind the logistical issues with your attire. Remember that you will be walking through crowded areas. As such, you will want to try to keep a low profile, or try to keep your expansive bulk in its place. These tips will keep you from causing general discomfort among your peers.


A crowded dealers room is no place for an overstuffed backpack, protruding fairy wings, large weapons, and over-sized costumes. These take up too much room and restrict flow, which aside from being annoying, is a safety hazard. Leave your pulse rifle and giant sword in your room for your trip to the dealers room; remember you are not actually fighting aliens today, you are digging through merchandise.

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