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DragonCon attracts fans, Otaku, nerds, geeks, and other types of attendees from all over the world and from every walk of life. 


This includes the disabled. 


DragonCon has a Disability Services team of volunteers to assist disabled congoers. Please visit the above link for details.


They are located in the Sheraton and have seats for waiting.  If you have a disability issue that affects your experience such as:


  • Vision issues
  • Hearing issues/ASL interpretation requirements 
  • Issues with standing or walking
  • Issues that require you to have a companion/handler/wingperson
  • Other issues this wiki may not have thought of at this writing  


You'll want to make disability services your first stop. Please be aware that the staff must ask if you're comfortable and willing to discuss your medical condition[s] and/or disabilities with them. 


The team will send a runner to get your badge for you. They will affix a disability sticker to your badge along with instructions you can show to the staff so your disability can be reasonably accommodated. 


Getting Around 


There is a Con shuttle bus to get you between hotels and panels. 


All the hotels and AmericasMart are accessible for wheelchair and scooter. However, the walking areas are to be kept clear, so if you can walk with a cane, it's best to ask staff or security where a safe place to sit is that won't hinder traffic flow. The con is that crowded, and the staff will take it very seriously.


There is a wheelchair lift in the Hyatt to the food court, but there is not always an operator immediately available.


AmericasMart has self-service wheelchair lifts. 



If your badge grants you a seat to wait for a panel, do your best to arrive early. The team and staff will do their best, but it is first come, first serve.  That you are granted a seat does not mean you are guaranteed a seat. 


If your badge grants you a seat in the front or the end of the row, that applies to you only; or, at most, the person with you as companion/assistant/handler/wingperson.


Mobility Assistance Rentals

DragonCon Disability Services also has a company present that rents out wheelchairs and scooters. Reserve early; they go fast! There's more detailed info on the DragonCon disability services page but here's the link to Scootaround



Helpful links

Butyoudontlooksick.com helps describe invisible illnesses. 


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